Friday, May 4, 2012

To My Truly Beautiful Mum

 The times I was sick, it wasn’t the medication that got me well…it was your love
When I scalded my knees, it wasn’t the balm that soothed my pain…it was your love
All the times I enjoyed your meals, it wasn’t of the flavor; it was your love
When we were in the rural areas, things were so beautiful because of your love

You sacrificed
You endured
You fought a good fight
All because of me

If time healed every wond; how come the pain of your loss is still very raw?
I wake up a lot of days drowned in my tears
If pain actually makes one stronger, how come I feel totally broken?
Christmas has totally lost its meaning to me

I have never felt this level of emptiness before
I wake up each morning knowing that certain things will never happen again
I feel very homeless

I have never said that any one is like a mother to me
Because you are incomparable
I am blessed that I am one of the few that had the legal right to call you Mum

I now dread the month that I loved so much
The month of May
What should have been your 65th birthday became your interment
I could not celebrate that birthday but angels celebrated your coronation

Today I light countless candles, in the most beautiful and vibrant colour
All for you and each representing love
I love you Mum and I definitely cannot express how much I miss you

Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Mark of True Friendship

When I am making a mistake; don’t tell me to follow my heart

Tell me like it is

When I am hurting and all weepy; don’t tell me to man up

Just identify with my pain

When I am wearing an ugly dress; don’t tell me it looks different

Simply tell me it is ugly

If I am running with the wrong crowd, don’t tell me you trust my judgment

Remind me that evil company corrupts good manners

If you are mad at me; raise your voice, scratch, bite and kick

Just don’t throw a “quiet” tantrum

If we have to fight; make it a fair fight

Don’t call me names

Things may happen that may redefine our friendship; honour the trust I had in you

Respect the thing I told you in confidence