Sunday, October 6, 2013


She is one of my closest non-human friends.
We are in constant communication and she likes to hang around me a lot…on different walls at home, in my purse and in my drawer at work.

She is my sounding board for all outings (important or otherwise). She tells me what to prune and where to preen. I brush, wipe and pull; we go back and forth until we both agree on the image we see.
She makes it a point of duty to chat with me in the course of the day through her relatives, who are on/in cars, elevators, and other surfaces. I don’t seek them out but where ever we meet; my response is usually reflexive…I prune, preen and dab.

As close as we are; she only sees my physical side so; all her opinion address just that. And yes you guessed right; she is my mirror!

I have an alter ego and she is made in the image and likeness of God. She requires lots/constant preening, pruning, polishing and remolding but my mirror can’t address those so; I look to a different kind of Mirror.

I prefer the full length version of The Mirror. As we stand face to face, toe to toe and eyeball to eyeball; I see my imperfections. As disheartening as that is; the Mirror gives me hope…she shows me who I am and who I could/should be.

When I stand like wimp…the mirror shows me a courageous woman.
When I stand like a kitten…the mirror shows me a lion
When I stand like a chicken…the mirror shows me an eagle
When I see ordinary…the mirror yells extraordinary
When I stand defeated…the mirror reflects victory.

The longer I stand before The Mirror; the more I believe
As I look; I preen, prune, tweak, dab and adjust
As I look; I continue to realign so that I can conform to the blue print
I am not who I am, I am work in progress, on my way to who I should be
Yes again, you guessed right, The Mirror is the word of God
I may be confused some times, in doubt at other times and on a cross-road some times
But with the Mirror; I never lose my core.

Monday, June 11, 2012

I am All That and More

When I blink the earth trembles
When I sneeze it is like a torrential rain
When I lift a finger the whole earth stands at attention

No measuring instrument can determine my dimension
I have neither class nor age mates
Weather you acknowledge it or not; there is none like me

I began before the beginning
I knew before I was known
I am very much in the present and already in the future

How much you know of me depends on how much you seek for me
The side of me you know depends on what you do in the time of distress
You can only truly know me through a first-hand experience

For every baby step you take towards me, I take several papa steps towards you
For every time you genuinely call me father; I call you son/daughter
All you are and all that you will ever be are in me

The arm of flesh will fail you
Wealth and riches will fail you but…
I will forever be with you because; I never change and I am the very present help in time of need

Friday, May 4, 2012

To My Truly Beautiful Mum

 The times I was sick, it wasn’t the medication that got me well…it was your love
When I scalded my knees, it wasn’t the balm that soothed my pain…it was your love
All the times I enjoyed your meals, it wasn’t of the flavor; it was your love
When we were in the rural areas, things were so beautiful because of your love

You sacrificed
You endured
You fought a good fight
All because of me

If time healed every wond; how come the pain of your loss is still very raw?
I wake up a lot of days drowned in my tears
If pain actually makes one stronger, how come I feel totally broken?
Christmas has totally lost its meaning to me

I have never felt this level of emptiness before
I wake up each morning knowing that certain things will never happen again
I feel very homeless

I have never said that any one is like a mother to me
Because you are incomparable
I am blessed that I am one of the few that had the legal right to call you Mum

I now dread the month that I loved so much
The month of May
What should have been your 65th birthday became your interment
I could not celebrate that birthday but angels celebrated your coronation

Today I light countless candles, in the most beautiful and vibrant colour
All for you and each representing love
I love you Mum and I definitely cannot express how much I miss you

Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Mark of True Friendship

When I am making a mistake; don’t tell me to follow my heart

Tell me like it is

When I am hurting and all weepy; don’t tell me to man up

Just identify with my pain

When I am wearing an ugly dress; don’t tell me it looks different

Simply tell me it is ugly

If I am running with the wrong crowd, don’t tell me you trust my judgment

Remind me that evil company corrupts good manners

If you are mad at me; raise your voice, scratch, bite and kick

Just don’t throw a “quiet” tantrum

If we have to fight; make it a fair fight

Don’t call me names

Things may happen that may redefine our friendship; honour the trust I had in you

Respect the thing I told you in confidence

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Random Thoughts

God never promised us year-round sunshine and He never promised us year-round rain.


Sometimes, daily bread could be crumbs, sometimes it could be slices and other times it could be half loves. The God that provided crumbs, slices and half loaves will provide whole loaves.


The point where you are tempted to quit may be where God is waiting with your answers... knock again.


Love forgives the past, believes in the present and is hopeful for the future

Friday, January 6, 2012

Don't Land Ahead of Time

We are made in the image and likeness of God but we are greatly marred and dented by our sin nature so, we do not know as He knows, we do not understand like He does and we do not see like He sees. As a result, when God speaks to us, we understand in bits, know in bits and see in fragments instead of the big picture.

When God spoke to Abraham about being a father of many nations; in his limited understanding, he thought the performance will be immediate. When his patience wore thin and transparent, he took a decision based on his understanding and the consequence lives with us till this day.

Moses possibly knew from the moment he realized he was adopted that he was meant to deliver the Israelites. At the first rush of real testosterone, he committed murder. This sent him on exile for 40 years. I guess it is safe to assume that he delayed the deliverance of the Israelites by 40 years.

Joseph was kind of special and he knew it. God confirmed this to him through dreams and he couldn’t wait to brag about it. The consequence was a free and fast ride to jail with stopover at a deep, dry pit and Potiphar's wife’s clutches.

Even though Jacob knew that the birth right was his not by order of birth but based on the word of God (Esau have I hated, Jacob have I loved). When he felt God was slow concerning His word, he schemed, maneuvered and manipulated to get it. He got the birthright but with lean soul… he was a fugitive for 40 years.

In the beginning was the word, the word was with God, the word was God; through Him all things were made and there was nothing that was made that was made without Him. In other words, Jesus knew before the foundation of the earth that He was God even though He came to the earth as a poor baby.

When Herod wanted to murder him as an Infant, the God in Him knew and had the power to eliminate him but he spoke not a word.
When the old and learned were marveling at His teachings at age 12, he did not brag but received their complements gracefully.
Mary, I believe, was a mummy-copter (hovering mum) and wanted to rush Jesus into his ministry but He called her to order immediately; He did not address her as mother He actually said “woman, my time has not come”.
He could have escaped the cross and made the mockers and the soldiers evaporate and condense in the North Pole but He went through it.

A lot of us are driven and there is nothing wrong with that but there are times “driven” doesn’t cut it, you must follow God’s lead. In such situations, it’s either His way or the highway (yes ke, He can be tough like that).

Like a pilot you have to pay attention to the control Tower and until you have the permission to land, doing so will have long term consequences. Hover for as long as it takes; God will give you fuel. Panic to the point of peeing on yourself; God is not panicking, He is in control. Weep until your strength is gone; Jesus wept too. Feel forsaken, unloved, dejected and all the depressing feelings; Jesus felt them too.

Whatever the crises may be, let God talk you through it and make sure you have his permission before you land.

If you landed without permission and you are dealing with the consequences, the God of Abraham, Joseph, Jacob and Moses will give you a fresh start and enough time to enjoy it.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Stop Looking at the Rear View Mirrow

If you made it to 2012 then, you are not walking backwards…congratulations!
If your eyes are not at the back of your head and your toes are still pointing forward … congratulation; you are not working backwards.

It is a new year so; God will do new things, in new ways and at the right time for you and your family. You will smell the rain and bud again. The sound of abundance of rain you heard was not mere imagination, blessings will rain in your home. You will have a manner experience in your derserts and your dry places will bring forth water.

You knocked, seeked, asked and waited ; God of Abraham, Sarah, Hanna and Elizabeth will come through for you. You prayed, hoped, trusted and believed in a God who is able; He will do exceedingly abundantly above your imagination.

God’s plan for 2012 is mutually exclusive of the events of 2011 so:

Rise again
Dream again
Hope again
Believe again
Walk again

And as you do so let your light shine and the glory of God be seen in your life.
It is a new dawn and a new season so God will turn the book of your life to the pages of thrill, joy and excitement.

You are laminated in God’s palm and your walls are continually before Him so He will take care of you.Take a joy ride into 2012 and do not look at 2011 through your rear view mirror…notin dey happen... od’eshi :).

Be blessed, be fruitful, multiply and have dominion.

I leave you in God’s hands. Happy New Year!