Monday, June 11, 2012

I am All That and More

When I blink the earth trembles
When I sneeze it is like a torrential rain
When I lift a finger the whole earth stands at attention

No measuring instrument can determine my dimension
I have neither class nor age mates
Weather you acknowledge it or not; there is none like me

I began before the beginning
I knew before I was known
I am very much in the present and already in the future

How much you know of me depends on how much you seek for me
The side of me you know depends on what you do in the time of distress
You can only truly know me through a first-hand experience

For every baby step you take towards me, I take several papa steps towards you
For every time you genuinely call me father; I call you son/daughter
All you are and all that you will ever be are in me

The arm of flesh will fail you
Wealth and riches will fail you but…
I will forever be with you because; I never change and I am the very present help in time of need