Sunday, October 6, 2013


She is one of my closest non-human friends.
We are in constant communication and she likes to hang around me a lot…on different walls at home, in my purse and in my drawer at work.

She is my sounding board for all outings (important or otherwise). She tells me what to prune and where to preen. I brush, wipe and pull; we go back and forth until we both agree on the image we see.
She makes it a point of duty to chat with me in the course of the day through her relatives, who are on/in cars, elevators, and other surfaces. I don’t seek them out but where ever we meet; my response is usually reflexive…I prune, preen and dab.

As close as we are; she only sees my physical side so; all her opinion address just that. And yes you guessed right; she is my mirror!

I have an alter ego and she is made in the image and likeness of God. She requires lots/constant preening, pruning, polishing and remolding but my mirror can’t address those so; I look to a different kind of Mirror.

I prefer the full length version of The Mirror. As we stand face to face, toe to toe and eyeball to eyeball; I see my imperfections. As disheartening as that is; the Mirror gives me hope…she shows me who I am and who I could/should be.

When I stand like wimp…the mirror shows me a courageous woman.
When I stand like a kitten…the mirror shows me a lion
When I stand like a chicken…the mirror shows me an eagle
When I see ordinary…the mirror yells extraordinary
When I stand defeated…the mirror reflects victory.

The longer I stand before The Mirror; the more I believe
As I look; I preen, prune, tweak, dab and adjust
As I look; I continue to realign so that I can conform to the blue print
I am not who I am, I am work in progress, on my way to who I should be
Yes again, you guessed right, The Mirror is the word of God
I may be confused some times, in doubt at other times and on a cross-road some times
But with the Mirror; I never lose my core.