Sunday, January 1, 2012

Stop Looking at the Rear View Mirrow

If you made it to 2012 then, you are not walking backwards…congratulations!
If your eyes are not at the back of your head and your toes are still pointing forward … congratulation; you are not working backwards.

It is a new year so; God will do new things, in new ways and at the right time for you and your family. You will smell the rain and bud again. The sound of abundance of rain you heard was not mere imagination, blessings will rain in your home. You will have a manner experience in your derserts and your dry places will bring forth water.

You knocked, seeked, asked and waited ; God of Abraham, Sarah, Hanna and Elizabeth will come through for you. You prayed, hoped, trusted and believed in a God who is able; He will do exceedingly abundantly above your imagination.

God’s plan for 2012 is mutually exclusive of the events of 2011 so:

Rise again
Dream again
Hope again
Believe again
Walk again

And as you do so let your light shine and the glory of God be seen in your life.
It is a new dawn and a new season so God will turn the book of your life to the pages of thrill, joy and excitement.

You are laminated in God’s palm and your walls are continually before Him so He will take care of you.Take a joy ride into 2012 and do not look at 2011 through your rear view mirror…notin dey happen... od’eshi :).

Be blessed, be fruitful, multiply and have dominion.

I leave you in God’s hands. Happy New Year!

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