Monday, May 4, 2009

Mum, This One Goes to You

Once upon a time, I lived in a world where there was a true mother. Even at a time when she wasn’t a born-again Christian, she had genuine fear of God backed with sound values and sound sense of judgment. A mother who was not interested in being my buddy but went the whole nine yards to be my mother. A mother who didn't negotiate foolishness with me and who compelled me to tow the right path.

When her response was “because I’m your mother” or “because I said so” then, so it was. A mother who gave me so much wise counsel some of which I’m just beginning to understand. A mother who sometimes had to go "without" so I can have some extras. A mother who was so protective she lost the tip of her finger on my account.

She was detailed enough to know when I brought back stuff that she didn’t buy for me and firm enough to make me return them. She cared enough to know who my friends were and never minced words about the ones she didn’t approve of.

In a world where materialism is the norm, she taught me at a very tender age that material things are not worth selling my soul for. She taught me that it is not about how much I have but how responsible I could be with little.

A mother who taught me that charity doesn’t end at home so I learnt early to take in “stray cats”, provide help and encouragement. She taught me that real womanhood is a lot of inner strength and inner beauty mixed with compassion and humility.

Now, how do I fully describe a mother who meant the world to me? The first heartbeats I heard were hers. My first hug was from her. The first smile I knew was hers.

For the past one year, I wake up each morning, promising myself that I’ll be strong but the finality of your exit is unbearable. I was not there to watch your coronation but I know the angels were there to cheer you on.

I normally tell people that there are two people who love me more than I love myself…God and you. Thank you for the mother you were.

Out of billions of children on the face of the earth, I have the rare privilege of being among the four who had the legal right to call you mother. I love you the world and I miss you beyond expression, catch the kiss!

My pen can’t flow any longer but my tears are still flowing…

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  1. Oh for all the good mothers of the world!
    Those who live in the hearts of those they love never die Uju. Your mom lives on in you and your sister and brothers....and in a little way in mine too though I knew her for a bit.