Tuesday, February 16, 2010

To My Big Sister, Mrs. Nimi Akinkugbe

My first encounter with you was in the pages of the “May Concert” brochure in April 2003 and my first impression was ... “oh she’s a very beautiful woman”. We eventually met vey briefly at the ground floor of the then Investment Banking & Trust Company when you came back from vacation. I must say you made a very good and lasting impression. After then, we occasionally ran into each other at the corridors of the bank and we exchanged brief pleasantries.

Sometime in the course of 2003, I disappeared from work to nurse my brother, who was very ill. It was meant to be a 4-day trip but the four days turned into four weeks. You were one of the very few people who asked for my where about. You called me at the hospital and you made efforts to facilitate my brother’s treatment at UCH, Ibadan.

When I came back to work sometime in December 2003, I found a cheque, a note and a Christmas card, which you left in my drawer for me. You will never know how far that went.

Between November 2003 and December 2009 (precisely 6 years), my life was a cocktail of dramas, which I did not orchestrate and would never have been a part of if I had a say in the matter. You were one of the people who held my hands as I went through the trying period.

Thank you for being very thoughtful towards me and my siblings.
Thank you for those text messages you sent just to check on me.
Thank you for the cash gifts.
Thank you for the material gifts.
Thank you for the times you made your shoulders available for me to cry on.
Thank you for standing up for me at work when occasions called for it.
Thank you for believing in me.
Thank you for stretching the hand of love, “ big sistership” and friendship to me.

You are one of the very few women who are confident enough to recognize, appreciate and acknowledge the good in other women and I salute you for that. You are beautiful on the outside but most importantly you are very beautiful on the inside.

The most I can do is to appreciate you but I know that all you’ve done for me is like a loan to God so He will definitely reward you with interest.

Remember, you have what it takes to give Suzzy Oman (not sure of the spelling) real run for her money so bring it on!

I love you deeply and may God guide your steps and hold your hands as you start this new phase of your fabulous life.


  1. Yes, a woman after God's own heart indeed. I join you in wishing her well as she steps out on to higher ground. And thank God for using her to bring you ot of hibernation!!!!

  2. hear, hear! SHe really is a beautiful woman. I admire the way she took time out to make me understand issues / transactions and their far reaching implications while at the bank. Some were pretty dramatic and I'll never forget her "expressions", they were classic!