Friday, January 16, 2009

Strength Just for Today

I woke up this morning without any desire to get out of bed. It felt like I had nothing to wake up to. The sense of emptiness I felt was suffocating. I had more questions than answers. I questioned life and I questioned the Giver of life.

Who am I? What is my life about? Is this all there is to me and to life? When and how is light going to appear at the end of this tunnel? How do I get out of this thread-mill i.e. running and spending energy but still on the same spot? How come the things I make happen for others don't seem to happen for me.

True confession...I am an irrigation dam in other words; I have Jeremiah’s anointing i.e. I cry very easily. As I was asking God questions, I soaked myself in tears (don’t raise your eyebrows at me, if Jesus wept, who am I to play super woman?). I cried long and hard but not like someone without hope. Even though I could not stop the tears, I know a God who wipes away tears.

The last time I checked, I still had a pulse and a heart-beat so; it means God is not done with me yet. I reminded Him of His promises (not that He forgot...He is God, after all). I put on David's cap and I spoke audibly to my heart. These were some of the things I said to it:

Though it tarries, I shall wait for it.
God can never lie.
My just reward is in His hands.
In the fullness of time, He will make all things beautiful.
He will do exceedingly, abundantly far above all I could ask, think or imagine.
He will cause the lines to fall for me in pleasant places.
Surely, His goodness and mercy shall follow me.

Like me, if you are facing any road-blocks, especially the type that don’t make sense, be assured that GOD IS ABLE. He has not given up on you so why give up on Him?

Remember, He promised to show you the way of escape from your trials and to provide you illumination to guide your steps.

Permit me to remind you that you are blessed beyond measures and you are on God's mind. Whatever the forces are, they are not strong enough to separate you from the love of God.

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