Monday, November 30, 2009

Honestly... I Can't Count My Blessings

Someone is in dire need of a plastic surgery but God blessed me with a wholesome body.
Someone just died because of hunger but God placed good food on my table.
Someone just died because of cold but God put good clothes on my back.
Someone just died because of lack of shelter but God put good roof over my head.
Someone just committed suicide because his hope is totally eroded but in Jesus, I have blessed assurance.
Someone just gave up the ghost because of loneliness but God blessed me with family and friends who love me.
Someone just died because his disease has no cure but God blessed me with sound health.
The pain of divorce just left someone devastated but God preserved me from getting married to someone who He did not ordained for me.
Millions of people are out of job but God blessed me with a job I could call my own.
Someone is lost and doesn’t even realize it but God gave me salvation at His own cost.
There are wars and rumors of wars but God has kept my country in tact.
A thousand has fallen on my left and ten thousand on my right but God continues to protect me.

Like you I have two tiny ugly toes on both feet, I am still waiting for breakthrough in some areas and I will never have everything I want but, God gave me more than a million blessings, which I never asked Him for. I have more than a million blessings, which I inadvertently take for granted yet, they are someone else’s prayer points.

My point is…I tried but, I could not count my blessings and I could not name them one by one because, they are innumerable. Telling God that I am grateful, thankful and appreciative do not cut it. No dance, song or shout is good enough to express my gratitude (I do all those). I can only trust that when God looks into my heart, He sees how grateful I am.

I am not blessed because I am special, different, better, hardworking, intelligent, wise or any other fantastic adjective that comes to mind. I am blessed because God chose to bless me. I have the things I have because He provided them for me. I am who I am because He designed me according to His chosen precision. I am where I am because God placed me there.
I walk around conscious of the fact the all I am & all I’ll ever be, all I have & all I’ll ever have, where I am and where I’ll ever be are all unmerited gifts and I do not take them for granted.

Happy thanks giving in arreas!

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