Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My Parade of Cheekiness

Some months back, I woke up with an attitude the size of the universe, and guess who I was throwing it at…God (forgive me all you holy people).

I made up my mind that I was not going to smile on the day in question even if God sends the archangel of humor.

I said my prayers with an attitude, had my bath with an attitude, dressed up & did my make-up with an attitude, walked down the street with an attitude and arrived at work with an attitude.

When I caught my reflection in the elevator, I thought I saw a toad with mumps (sulking looks ugly on everybody). Laugh if it tickles your fancy but I was kind of enjoying my smile strike because there was a part of me that was saying…“you see God, I told you”

Oops! I didn’t mention what the bone of contention was…I’ve had it with God not coming through for me when, where and how I want Him to.

I honestly do not remember how long my parade of cheekiness/foolishness lasted but out of irritation, I was flicking through the TV channels and there was the reality check I needed.
Right in front of me was the most impoverished tribe I’ve ever heard of.

You might be different but honestly, I have qualms drinking plain clean water. I have serious food moods. I hate long hours of commute so proximity to the office is not negotiable. Any clothing item that does not sit well on me is not welcome.
I said all those to say these:

The tribe in question has only one source of water and it is stagnant, coloured, warm-infested and obviously smelly. They wash, drink and bath in the same stream. Their livestock drink directly from the stream. It takes about five hours to go from their settlement to the stream.
Their staple food is raw, goat-milk mixed with goat blood. They were not dressed to make fashion statements but to cover their bodies. The ecology of the area is such that even the most primitive building materials (palm leave, straws, mud etc) were not available so they live in huts made of cow dung.

As is in my character, my mind went into overdrive.
What happens when they are seriously ill?
What hope do they have of ever living differently?
What opportunities are available to them?
In which generation will their current way of life be a thing of the past?

While I was at it, I remembered my smile strike and I asked my self one question… “what am I going on about?” Without trivializing the issues you might be facing, I ask you the same question…”what are you going on about?”

1 Thessalonians 5:18 – “in all things, give thanks”

The reason I think the bible said to give thanks even in bad situation is because, every bad situation has the potential to get worse but for God.

It is difficult but next time before you complain about your height, weight, complexion, job, NEPA, the traffic and all the things that grate on your nerves… inhale, exhale and ask yourself “what am I going on about”

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