Friday, November 20, 2009

I Take Authority

In the name of Jesus, at the mention of which every knee shall bow, be shattered oh ye people and be broken to piece. Gird yourselves but be broken in pieces, take counsel together but it will come to nothing. Speak the word but it will not stand for God is with me.

The Lord of Host has purposed in His heart and His purpose in my life shall stand. His hands are turned towards me and no one can turn it back.

May cruel masters and fierce kings rule over every Egyptian in my life. May unfathomable shame and disgrace be the portion of everybody that is incensed against me. Let all those who strive with me perish.

By the Blood, the power of the Holy Spirit and angelic assistance, every signs of the babblers is frustrated and every diviner is driven mad. Their wisdom is turned backwards and their knowledge is turned to foolishness.

Every stronghold is subdued before me and the amour of kings are loosened for my sake. The double doors are open before me and they cannot be shut. Every crooked path ahead of me has been made straight and every bronze gate is broken into pieces. The bars of iron are cut asunder and I receive the treasures of darkness and hidden riches of secret places.

I am free from all captivity and free from every terrible predator. All oppressors in my life will be fed with their own flesh and they will be drunk with their own blood.

I stand on my decree as a watchman, not by my power nor by my might but through Christ in whom all things are possible, in whom I live, move and have my being. No force can stand against me. I’ll leap through walls and run through troops. The hedge of God is round about me so I will not loose anything anymore and no more cutbacks.

This is my season for increase, breakthrough, resurrection, resuscitation and revival. I open my mouth, heart and hands wide and I ask you, Lord to satisfy me with goodness so that as I walk, goodness and mercy will follow me and overtake me. I walk in excellent health, wealth, breakthrough, sound mind, prosperity, promotion, multiplication and remembrance. This is my set and appointed time to do and be all that God has called me to do and be.

I am unstoppable, "unintimidateable" and unshakeable. Nothing and nobody can stop me because God is with me.

Anybody that touches me touches the apple of your eye, Lord so, arise and contend with them, fight them to a standstill. Condemn any tongue that rises against me in judgment. Arise Lord and let my enemies be scattered. Let every flesh be silent before you.

Put your spotlight on me, showcase me and make me a billboard. Give me brand new testimonies. Let every mocker come to the brightness of my rising. Let your glory be seen allover my life. Do that which you alone can do IJN…
There is no copyright to this declaration so you can make it yours, I'm out of your face!

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