Tuesday, December 1, 2009

For All the Right Reasons

As I chewed on the real meaning of Christmas, I made up my mind that I will have a fabulous Christmas. As we “speak”, my Christmas tree (all 19 inches of it) is up and standing as well as other bits and pieces that spell Christmas. My desk is housing a 3-inch Christmas tree plus a jar of chocolates in Christmas colours. My Christmas carol is subtly serenading me from my desk top. The whole idea is that Christmas is a very special gift from God and I will receive it with both hands and with one million megawatts smile.

The real reason for Christmas is; Love, Hope, Joy and Peace.

God looked down at the deep-seated hatred in the hearts of His children and He figured that the only way out is to send true love. He sent it in the person of Jesus Christ.

The hopelessness He saw in our eyes broke His heart because, He feels what we feel and hurts when we hurt so He sent us hope in the person of Jesus.

The broken hearted, the sick, the needy, the bereaved etc are striped of their joy because of all the wrongs in their lives. God chose not to ignore the situations so, He sent Joy in the person of Jesus.

There was chaos and tumult in our hearts, homes, neighbourhood, towns and nations. Positive thought, conferences and summits could not bring the needed peace. God sent us peace in the person of Jesus so that peace in our hearts will crystallize to peace in our homes and cascade down to peace in our neighbourhoods, towns, nations and ultimately peace in our world.

Love, hope, joy and peace are not destinations; they are ways of life and continuous journey till we meet God in eternity.

To the unloved, I say…may the love of Jesus be shed abroad in your hearts.
To the hopeless, I say…for this reason, the Son of God was made manifest; to destroy the works of the enemy.
To the joyless I say…rejoice in the Lord your God, again I say, rejoice.
To those who feel drowned by the storms of life, I say…may the peace of God that passes all understanding dwell in your heart.

To all those who life has given reasons to think that tomorrow is not worth it, may I remind you that Jesus came to ensure that your tomorrow is worth it. He came to give your life a meaning, He came for all the right reasons. He came so you can give your tomorrow a chance.

Rise from your ashes, wipe your tears, believe again, hope again, dream again, laugh again, and rejoice again.
Merry Christmas!

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  1. Yep! I am rocking this Christmas with all of my heart. At one point I was like 'let 2009 and just pass on by please and quickly'. I still want it to be so but I am thankful for all its highs and lows and will usher it out with much love and rejoicing. Not cos of it but becos of God. Throught it all, He has been good to me! Nice one!